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This page covers information on Tapey.

Best Quote

"I'm screwed." - Tapey, Team Naming


Tapey is a black tape dispenser, with a black shadow, gray body, and a light gray tape roll.


  • Clocky (possibly): Clocky was smiling when he gave advice to Gluey and Tapey.
  • Gluey: Gluey and Tapey are best friends, as they hang out everywhere together, and they usually are focused on themselves or Scissory.
  • Scissory: Scissory was a victim of Hole Punchy and Tapey and Gluey promised to always have her back.


  • Hole Punchy: Hole Punchy was yelling at Scissory, when Tapey stepped in and he killed her. He also said "You're next, adhesives!" to Tapey and Gluey, after he beat up Scissory.
  • Markery (possibly): Markery is a supporter of Hole Punchy, as he helped to beat up Scissory. He never interacted with Tapey person to person.


Tapey has seemed to be into Object Shows, as she answer the only object show question in the quiz bowl game.