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This page covers information on Scissory.

Best Quote

"Hmm... I might as well do a trial run." - Scissory, Team Naming


Scissory is a formatted version of BOTO Scissor's asset, made to look white with a gray outline.


  • Hole Punchy: Hole Punchy asked to have Scissory as an ally, which she accepted. Hole Punchy gave Scissory some tasks, which she did, possibly regretfully.
  • Tapey (possibly): Tapey chose Scissory onto her team, which she seemed excited for. Tapey recommended Scissory for the quiz bowl team, which she accepted. However, she did not answer or attempt to answer any of the questions.


  • Markery: Hole Punchy told Scissory to kick Markery in the leg, which she did, severely injuring him. However, she did apologize afterward.


Scissory has not shown any hobbies or interests yet.