This page covers information about Gluey.

Best Quote Edit

"Alright! Good Thinking!" - Gluey, Team Naming

Appearance Edit

Gluey is a bottle of liquid glue. He has a black outline, an orange cap, a white bottle, and a blue label.

Deaths Edit

  • None

Kills Edit

  • None

Hobbies/Interests Edit

As shown in the quiz bowl challenge, Gluey himself said that he was good history buff, and proves it.

Trivia Edit

  • Gluey is the only contestant who contains a liquid.
  • Gluey is the only character in Season 1 to start with the letter G.
    • He as well is one of the only two characters to contain it. The other being Pluggy.
  • Gluey is the first contestant to witness a character being recovered from death, witnessing Deodorant recovering Tapey.
  • The creator originally wanted a glue stick as Gluey's asset.
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