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Best Quote Edit

"I don't like your eyebrows." - Colored Pencily, Seven Kings, One Box

Appearance Edit

Colored Pencily used to be a blue colored pencil. She had light tan shavings and more of a cornflower color. She did not have any shadows or highlights.

She now is a formatted version of Pencily. Her eraser is cropped off, and now is blue all over, except for a few different shades.

Deaths Edit

  • None

Kills Edit

  • None

Hobbies/Interests Edit

Colored Pencily has no particular interests or hobbies that are known of.

Trivia Edit

  • Colored Pencily is the only character who's asset is borrowed, and some of it is cropped off.
  • Colored Pencily was originally planned to be orange. This idea was scrapped after what the creator could find to use as an asset.
  • Colored Pencily was the first pencil to talk to Penny on-screen. Pencily has before, but this was not shown.
  • Colored Pencily is shown to be the calmest of the Pencil Alliance, as she is shown to have the calm eyes when talking to her alliance.
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