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Best Quote Edit

"Remember, Gluey and Tapey, always have an umbrella on a sunny day!" - Clocky, Team Naming

Appearance Edit

Clocky was a wall analog clock with a white face and dark blue edges, hands, and hour markings. His time told 4:04.

Clocky still has a white face, but a black edge, and black hands. He lost his hour markings. His time now tells 3:00.

Deaths Edit

  • None

Kills Edit

  • None

Hobbies/Interests Edit

Clocky has not demonstrated any hobbies, however he does have an obsession with yogurt and his tooth.

Trivia Edit

  • Clocky's tooth did not come from his mouth, considering that his smile has all of his teeth.
  • Clocky is one of the 3 contestants that contain batteries.
    • The other 2 being Calculatory and Mousy.
      • All 3 of them are males.
  • Clocky's position has always shown to be 3:00.
    • A theory could be that Clocky lost his batteries, because his hands are static, and his brain runs differently than average objects.
  • Clocky is the only contestant to befriend an animate object.
    • That being a tooth.
  • The "tooth" gag was inspired by something his friend told him, being "Oh no! My tooth died!".
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