This page covers information on Calculatory.

Best Quote Edit

"ALRIGHT!" - Calculatory, Too Good of Friends?

Appearance Edit

Calculatory was a Gray calculator with darker gray buttons and 4 dark maroon buttons and a blank screen (Object Mayhem's Calculator Asset)

Calculatory is now a gray calculator with orange circular buttons and a white screen.

Deaths Edit

  • None yet.

Kills Edit

  • None

Hobbies/Interests Edit

Although no hobbies have been shown from him, he tends to like education, especially math.

Trivia Edit

  • Calculatory is one of the 3 contestants that use batteries.
    • The other 2 being Clocky and Mousy.
      • All 3 of them are males.
  • Calculatory would be impossible to use, considering he only has 9 buttons, 1 for each number.
  • Calculatory is one of the 2 contestants that went from a borrowed asset from another Object Show to a custom made one.
    • The other one being Markery.
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