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This page covers Binder Clippy's overview.

Best Quote

"The demon will show, just not yet." -Binder Clippy, Team Naming


Binder Clippy is a black binder clip, all the way round.


  • Binder Clippy being released into the air in a bubble (possibly).


  • None


Binder Clippy has not shown any hobbies or interests yet.


  • Binder Clippy is the first contestant to be eliminated.
  • Binder Clippy is the only completely black character.
  • Binder Clippy is one of the only 3 contestants to have white eyes and mouths.
    • The other 2 being Pluggy and Tapey.
      • All 3 of them are girls.
  • Binder Clippy has made 5 enemies in 1 episode, the most in the season.
  • If being released into the air kills the contestant, Binder Clippy will be the first contestant in Object Comp history to be killed.